Nigerians on social media have lambasted Nigerian singer, Slimcase over his comments on George Floyd who was killed by a cop in America and that of Tina, the 16 years old girl who was shot dead in Lagos by a police officer.

It all began after the singer posted a photo of George Floyd who was killed by a cop, and wrote 👇

“FAME AFTER DEATH… any positive blow wey I gats blow God Let me blow am now that I am alive not after I am dead George A sacrifice for d change in black history #blacklivesmatters”

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A follower took to the comment section of his post and wrote 👇

“Na America matter una always dey carry for head, why you no post that 16 years old girl police shoot for Lagos. Abi them never settle the girl matter finish?”


Replying the follower comment, the singer wrote 👇

“We talking about a global pandemic here. Leave the Lagos girl for Channels to talk about am.”

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#JusticeforTinaJust became a trending topic on social media after Tina was shot dead by a a trigger-happy police officer who was trying to arrest a bus driver for violating the nationwide curfew.

Read some social media reaction regarding to Slimcase comments 👇

@drpenking: A pandemic is a DISEASE occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population. Apart from being insensitive, Slimcase thinks that George ‘s death is a pandemic Clown faceClown faceClown face. It is a National embarrassment to be both INSENSITIVE and DUMB.

@bratty_nono: The lagos culture is why agbero’s like Slimcase, Naira Marley and Zlatan have a voice today… “This is Lagos,shine your eye” a phrase that justifies irrational behaviour all in the name of being street wise..hence thuggery and hooliganism have been enshrined and even glorified.

@EdmundOris: The more I read that Slimcase comment, the more disgusted I get. How foolish can one be? Nobody is saying don’t demand justice for George. But “leave the Lagos girl for channels” Misplaced priorities. Same “Lagos girl” that’ll play your music, come for your concert, Lagos girl.

@Baldilocks__: I can’t get over the fact that Slimcase literally said, “leave the Lagos girl for channels to talk about”. That Lagos girl was Tina who was gunned down by the police in Nigeria. It’s one thing to be more interested in the injustice in faraway US. It’s another thing to be daft.




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